The beautiful constructions and endless combinations of well put-together words that may grace a single person’s mouth, and then be celebrated as art, is why I blame, and at the same time applaud, pain.

    What a fine day! Can’t choose whether to drink tea or to hang myself.
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    yesterday i was depressed and my boyfriend told me this 

    - my story - 

    If someone said this to me i would cry from happiness

    Awww 😍😪

    I used to get texts like this 😍😖 so cute

    crying because you just received what alot of us have been waiting for

    I’ve reblogged before but I’ll reblog it again because your story broke my heart just stay strong 




    This is what I love about Winter. You wake up in the middle of the night, maybe just to pee or get water or something, look out the window and see this. It’s so beautiful. And it’s silent; you have no idea that it’s happening until you just look. It almost seems fake. And it makes your bed seem way more comfortable, for whatever reason.

    My best qualities:
    -Being overly sensitive
    -Shutting down peoples’s attempts at consoling me
    -Getting so drunk I hardly remember anything in the morning
    -Expecting the worst
    -Putting everyone before myself
    -Dishing out chances to those who do not deserve them

    My worst qualities:
    -Having faith in people
    -Thinking that things will get better
    -Trying to see both sides of situations
    -Listening and providing advice for those close to me and those not very close to me
    -Finding bright sides in shitty occurences
    -Attempting to find a balance between school and a social life
    -Trying to do things that would be good for me

    Based on the way that things have been going lately, everything that I think I do right isn’t very right at all it seems. So this list is only appropriate.


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    Everyone always trashes on Tumblr, but you know what, Tumblr is probably the best website I have come across. Why? Because compared to other social networks, Tumblr has shown that they put effort into caring about its users. For example, if you search the tag #sad or #suicidal, the screen above will pop up. Tumblr puts effort into ensuring that you are alright, even though they don’t do it specifically for each individual, they did more than what Facebook and Twitter has done.  

    One. Do not promise when you’re happy.
    Two. When you are angry, do not respond.
    Three. Do not decide when you’re sad.

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